We conduct sensory tests of any product types: goods, cosmetics, perfumery, etc.


We propose marketing solutions in adequate timelines with appropriate budgets.


We help our Clients to optimize their products, making them much more attractive, tasty and profitable.


We’re not afraid of new tasks and bravely searching for new insights and ideas, opening new possibilities of marketing researches.

Sensory Solution Centre advantages

Sensory and product tests are conducted in cooperation and under standards of European Sensory Network. European Sensory Network (ESN) - is a community of companies providing sensory evaluation in 18 European countries in accordance with ISO 8589 standards.

  • We apply principles of experimental design and statistical analysis to the use of human senses (sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing).
  • We offer a flexible range of sensory solutions to match the budget, timing and data sensitivity needs. The projects mainly include product screening, sensory mapping and several profiling approaches.
  • We provide sensory, statistical consultancy and training, to help R&D and Marketing teams to get more from sensory data and to optimize their own sensory panels.
  • We help R&D and Marketing teams to optimize the product characteristics:

Our services include:

  • comfortable facilities for tests
  • reduced length of each session up to 1,5 hours.
  • descriptive analysis
  • profile optimizing: Preference Rankings, Emotions Evaluation and Psychological Drivers of product design evaluation
  • sensory consumer testing and segmentation
  • analysis via Kano model
  • product recycling
  • penalty analysis
  • creation of competitive ability model for new formulas
  • Ideal Taste Product Profile model, based on sensory panel and consumer tests data

Our advantages:

Target audience and samples:

  • tests can be conducted both among regular customers and “sensitive” consumers and R&D managers.
  • possibility to use small samples (from 60 respondents with unique rotation plans)

Quality of the results:

  • high quality of survey: system of self-reported questionnaire in electronic format (absence of “effect of interviewer”).
  • Possibility of focus-groups and in-depth interviews conduction with respondents after main quantitative poll.

Budget and timings:

  • limited timings of projects: project including final report with sample of 120 – 200 respondents will take not more than 7-8 working days.
  • cost-saving up to 30% in comparison with standard tests due to sample reduction, automatic data entry and standard procedure of report preparation.

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