We conduct sensory tests of any product types: goods, cosmetics, perfumery, etc.


We propose marketing solutions in adequate timelines with appropriate budgets.


We help our Clients to optimize their products, making them much more attractive, tasty and profitable.


We’re not afraid of new tasks and bravely searching for new insights and ideas, opening new possibilities of marketing researches.


In-depth interviews:

  • standard groups
  • expert interviews
  • diads / triads

Focus groups:

  • standard and mini-groups
  • creative groups
  • pro-longed groups
  • groups with children and teenagers

We conduct focus groups and interviews:

  • in specially equipped focus rooms
  • in natural conditions:
    • at home
    • in restaurants
    • in cafes
    • in parks

On-line qualitative research:

On-line surveys in forums and blogs formats, social networks and co-creation are rapidly growing types of qualitative studies.

More qualitative methods:

  • standard home visits
  • street interviews with video recording
  • ethnographic research
  • participant / non-participant observation
  • diary method
  • observation and accompanied shopping with audio and video recording
  • social networks
  • forums and blogs
  • workshops and brainstormings
  • сo-creation
  • search and validation of insights
  • formulation of concepts

INSIGHT MR has modern office for focus groups and in-depth interviews:

  • two hidden digital cameras let collect and analyze information in the most effective way
  • focus room is equipped with simultaneous translation room
  • one-way mirror
  • client-room for 4-8 people
  • on-line transmission of focus-groups via Internet

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