We conduct sensory tests of any product types: goods, cosmetics, perfumery, etc.


We propose marketing solutions in adequate timelines with appropriate budgets.


We help our Clients to optimize their products, making them much more attractive, tasty and profitable.


We’re not afraid of new tasks and bravely searching for new insights and ideas, opening new possibilities of marketing researches.


Testing of concepts and prototypes of new products are the main directions of INSIGHT MR business.

  • personal interviews with consumers (Face-to-Face)
  • street interviews
  • in-store interviews
  • hall-tests
  • in-Home-tests
  • CATI
  • retail audit, store-check, mystery shopping
  • sensory tests
  • on-line interviews
  • mobile interviews

INSIGHT MR managers have unique experience of conducting
sensory research on Russian market and use different
types of data-analysis:

  • Sensory descriptive analysis
  • Benefit analysis
  • Bi-Plot, T-Plot
  • Cluster analysis
  • Discriminative analysis
  • CHAID-analysis
  • SWOT-analysis
  • Key driver analysis
  • Penalty Analysis
  • Graphical modeling
  • TURF analysis

Main types of tests:

  • blind tests
  • branded tests
  • monadic and sequential tests
  • product tests
  • complex product testing (concept, product, package)

Tests are conducted in several formats:

  • in specially equipped laboratory “Sensory Solutions Centre
  • in restaurants, bars and cafes
  • in internet cafes
  • at home (Home Usage Tests)
  • on special events (exhibition, party, etc.)

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