We conduct sensory tests of any product types: goods, cosmetics, perfumery, etc.


We propose marketing solutions in adequate timelines with appropriate budgets.


We help our Clients to optimize their products, making them much more attractive, tasty and profitable.


We’re not afraid of new tasks and bravely searching for new insights and ideas, opening new possibilities of marketing researches.

Our company

INSIGHT MR is a Russian based market research company. We offer market research and consulting projects across all Russian regions and CIS countries. In collaboration with our partners we conduct market research and sensory testing in Europe, U.S. and China.

INSIGHT MR is professional team of marketing specialists, analysts, statisticians and market researchers.

We create market research studies not just to provide graphs and numbers to the Client. We support our Clients in strategic decision-making process which will finally ensure rapidly growing market share and leading positions of the Clients’ brands on the market.

Our managers are well-experienced in market research: the majority started career in big international research companies and carry out projects on the highest international level. We provide essential information and applicable results to our clients from TOP-200 world companies. The clients especially rely on our expertise in sophisticated and complex projects.


«To be the best and reliable supplier of high-quality research results and marketing decisions on Russian Market».

Clients and business partners

Professional experience

Over 80 projects
in different markets

Over 10 years
in market research

Over 8 years
in sensory research

Over 60 clients,
long-term partners

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